PharmSwap Multi Chain Staking Update..

Multi chain staking updated..

Here at PharmSwap we have updated our multi chain staking facilities. Development in integrating (Kcc) Kucoin community chain has begun. Users will now be able to use PharmSwap staking facilities on kucoin kcc blockchain. The PharmSwap contracts deployment on Polygon (Matic) have been successful with Binance Smart Chain deployment coming inline with launch day of the platform. The native token is PHARM, it will be made available on PharmSwap, QuickSwap for Polygon users and pancake swap for binance users. kucoin kcc blockchain access will also go live on PharmSwap moments after the launch. We will have high yielding apy Staking for the early adopters of PharmSwap. As we go through development phases creating more utility for PHARM users will have the opportunity to govern the project. This is just the beginning of our multi chain journey.

Cross chain token

The native token on the PharmSwap Dapp is PHARM token. It is a multi chain token that allows users to stake across multiple blockchains in our PharmSwap pools. Our contracts will be active on the blockchains we have confirmed and purchasing of PHARM will be possible on these blockchains either through other exchanges or on the PharmSwap platform at launch. For info on the PharmSwap fair launch please check our article here.

compatible blockchains

Polygon Matic

Binance smart chain

Kucoin community chain

Ethereum mainnet



Polygon ERC20 token- PHARM

Initial supply — 325,000

Deflationary token — 0.3%

Yield Farming and Staking

Farming and staking will be accessible on the selected blockchains via PharmSwap just select your desired chain and start staking your tokens. If you do not have tokens to stake on the blockchain you are on, you can just simply go to the PharmSwap exchange and purchase your choice of crypto’s on your desired blockchain network.

Rewards distribution

20% of your accumulated rewards are available every 5 days. This adds many benefits to the project as it increases the tokens value significantly and gives the token more durability and sustainability. It also prevents whales from draining liquidity and encourages users to stay and stake

Lottery and games

Here at PharmSwap we will be releasing a series of of lottery based games that will help regulate the supply by buring 30% of each lottery draw. Lottery will also be accessible on each chain

Loans and Vaults

Once the Farms and pools apy decreases we will implement the use of loans and opens up vaults on PharmSwap this will create another use case for the PHARM token.